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"Time goes by so slowly... I don't know what to do! Every little things that you say or do... I'm hung up! I'm hung up on you! Waiting for your call baby night and day! I'm fed up... I'm tired of waiting on you! I can't keep on waiting for you! I know that you're still hesitating! Don't cry for me... 'cause I'll find my way! You'll wake up one day... but it'll be too late!"

giovedì, marzo 24, 2005

RETROSPETTIVE 6.....Gennaio 2005 fondachello beach...and bitch!

Fondachello Hills 95014!!!


Peppe alias KELLY
Guido alias DYLAN
Dany alias BRENDA
Grazy alias DONNA
Sergio alias DAVID
Ray alias BRANDON

Giovani ragazzi, belli e spensierati in gita al mare...


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